Geophysical Research Infrastructures Forum

Reunion Island, 2-6 October 2017


The ARISE-2 consortium, the University of Reunion Island and Nexa, regional agency for development, investment and innovation are collaborating to host a worldwide scientific Forum on Geophysical Research Infrastructures in Reunion Island.

The GRIF-RUN Forum is a one-week event hosting the ARISE 2 workshop and an enlarged experience of the atmospheric sciences of the Reunion Island studying the tropical stratosphere and the upper troposphere. It is a great opportunity for Reunion Island to present to the ARISE-2 community our research work themes and our observation infrastructures.

One main objective of the GRIF-RUN is to gather in Reunion Island several communities in environmental geophysics and to work with the international experience of our invited speakers (ISLA/HIGP/SOEST Hawaii ; NOAA USA ; ACTRIS-Europe, Copernicus CAMS, TARANIS/CNES).

Indeed, the event will allow the invited experts to discuss with our local research teams and assess the wide research capacity of Reunion Island. This will lead to more research collaboration in the geophysical research field and many projects will come out of it.

The EU Projects of Reunion Island will be accompanying the researchers during the week to initiate more research projects and present various calls of proposal that could finance new research collaboration (Horizon 2020, ANR, Erdf).

With the short training schools leaded by international guests, it will also be an opportunity for graduate and PhD students and post-docs at the University to benefit from their experience. 

An overview of our research